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13,000 Anambra Artisans To Benefit From COVID-19 Grants
Economic Confidential  10/20/2020 12:05:40 PM
Covid-19: Virus, what virus? India gets back to work  10/20/2020 9:36:10 AM
The Morning Report: Tinubu Reacts To #EndSARS Protests, Gov Bello Warns Protesters Against Overthrowing Buhari, Premier League Confirms Eight New COVID-19 Infections
Daily Advent  10/20/2020 8:15:00 AM
Trump slams govt Covid expert Fauci 'and all these idiots'
Monitor UG  10/20/2020 7:56:55 AM
CBN Raises Red Flag over COVID-19 Financing  10/20/2020 6:54:50 AM
COVID-19: PTF warns of high risks in protest gatherings
The Nation  10/20/2020 2:58:03 AM
China passes first biosecurity law in wake of Covid-19 pandemic  10/20/2020 2:24:15 AM
Indias research, manufacturing critical to fighting Covid-19: Bill Gates
Hindustan Times  10/20/2020 1:44:53 AM
Nigerians flay Federal Governments handling of Covid-19
The Nation  10/20/2020 1:41:42 AM
Rising Covid case totals could hinder plans for New Jerseys economic reopening  10/19/2020 11:58:53 PM
Its not a ˜second wave: Covid resurges because safety measures are relaxed or ignored
MG  10/19/2020 10:53:17 PM
Chhattisgarh, Punjab, Odisha lead slowdown in Covid-19 cases  10/19/2020 10:14:26 PM
Remdesivir Has ‘Little Or No Effect'' On COVID-19 Mortality: WHO Study
Channels  10/19/2020 10:07:29 PM
#EndSARS protesters are super-spreaders, will test positive in two weeks – COVID-19 task force warns
The Sun  10/19/2020 8:09:37 PM
50% of Indians likely to have had Covid by next February: Govt panel  10/19/2020 5:44:59 PM
Editor of CCP-run tabloid mocks Donald and Melania Trump for having COVID-19  10/19/2020 4:32:24 PM
Canada keeps border closed as Covid-19 cases spike in U.S.  10/19/2020 4:30:12 PM
Fort Hare students test positive for Covid after partying
MG  10/19/2020 10:38:14 AM
COVID-19: Stockbrokers seek economic turnaround
Vanguard  10/19/2020 9:40:08 AM
IT firms hiring plunges due to Covid, recovery likely in 2nd half of FY21  10/19/2020 8:51:27 AM
Africa: COVID-19 cases pass 1.63 million, Nigeria on list of most affected
Daily Post  10/19/2020 8:31:54 AM
Rooney awaiting COVID-19 test result after friends visit
Vanguard  10/19/2020 8:31:10 AM
˜Covid-19 has caused chronic underfunding in mental healthcare
The Nation  10/19/2020 7:42:06 AM
Cinemas in Nigeria seek FGs assistance for COVID-19 recovery
Vanguard  10/19/2020 7:36:50 AM
Atomic bombshell: We have proof that Rothschilds patented Covid-19 biometric tests in 2015 and 2017
Natural News  10/19/2020 6:06:13 AM
Covid-19: Automobile Firm to Invest $54m in ˜Healthier Cars  10/19/2020 5:00:38 AM
Covid-19: Community spread in some districts, govt says  10/19/2020 5:00:23 AM
Start of the fourth global Covid-19 wave
Hindustan Times  10/19/2020 1:09:29 AM
Fake Covid-19 test certificate scam exposed
Herald ZW  10/19/2020 12:28:14 AM
October 18
India can check Covid-19 pandemic by February-end: Expert panel  10/18/2020 10:13:59 PM
Firm records 57 COVID-19 cases in Ibadan
The Nation  10/18/2020 10:04:46 PM
Covid-19 disrupts HIV and TB services
MG  10/18/2020 7:40:10 PM
Zambia Records 64 New COVID-19 Cases, No Death In Last 24hrs
Daily Advent  10/18/2020 4:47:41 PM
Covid-19 vaccine tracker: Trial of nasal vaccines soon in India
Hindustan Times  10/18/2020 3:00:27 PM
11 arrested at Entebbe Airport with fake Covid-19 certificates
Monitor UG  10/18/2020 1:52:21 PM
'Covid peak came in Sept, India can control pandemic by early next year'  10/18/2020 1:32:49 PM
Big Pharma is not willing to help us defeat COVID-19  10/18/2020 12:33:58 PM
Covid drugs: US and EU block India's fight for IPR waiver  10/18/2020 12:17:38 PM
Study links Covid-19 with organ impairment in healthy people, offers proof
Hindustan Times  10/18/2020 11:01:48 AM
Candidate who died of COVID-19 still on the ballot
ABC News  10/18/2020 10:32:48 AM
Covid-19 takes ˜deep toll on Hongkongers mental health: former justice minister  10/18/2020 10:10:45 AM
Southwest MSMEs yet to benefit from N50b Covid-19 bailout funds
The Nation  10/18/2020 9:28:54 AM
AFL 2020: Brownlow Medal, leaderboard, winner, COVID, Lachie...  10/18/2020 8:59:33 AM
59 COVID-19 cases recorded in Ibadan company “ Oyo govt
Vanguard  10/18/2020 7:03:16 AM
˜COVID-19 is good news for health and safety
The Nation  10/18/2020 6:09:28 AM
COVID-19: We must remain vigilant, but no cause for alarm “Oyo Task Force
The Nation  10/18/2020 5:22:56 AM
Ardern wins landslide in New Zealand's 'Covid election'
Monitor UG  10/18/2020 5:07:34 AM
Covid-19 is revealing footballs character “ and it stinks  10/18/2020 5:04:29 AM
'Pandemic Profiteers: These billionaires hit the jackpot during the COVID-19 crisis  10/18/2020 3:44:42 AM
BREAKING: Nigeria records 113 new COVID-19 cases, total now 61,307
The Nation  10/18/2020 2:52:35 AM
October 17
India drops to No.2 in daily Covid cases as US surges again  10/17/2020 9:45:10 PM
Millions face new Covid-19 curbs as Europe battles soaring infections  10/17/2020 4:08:23 PM
Playbook: Where Covid relief talks stand today  10/17/2020 3:24:51 PM
Dr Reddy's gets DCGI nod for trial of Covid vaccine Sputnik V in India  10/17/2020 2:48:20 PM
Covid: Sputnik V Vaccine to undergo trial in India  10/17/2020 1:13:35 PM
Post wins online award for protests, Covid-19, Tiananmen anniversary coverage  10/17/2020 10:40:17 AM
Retail giants bet on rural India, small towns to push growth in Covid times  10/17/2020 9:25:05 AM
Nigeria records 212 new COVID-19 cases
The Sun  10/17/2020 8:11:10 AM
Covid-19: Govt identifying 30 crore who will get vaccine on priority  10/17/2020 6:53:59 AM
COVID-19 redirected my focus, says Brite
The Nation  10/17/2020 6:48:50 AM
COVID-19''s reward for Otunba Lawal
The Nation  10/17/2020 2:19:31 AM
India decides to reassess Covid-19 treatment protocol
Hindustan Times  10/17/2020 1:28:53 AM
October 16
Comoros yields to Covid-19  10/16/2020 10:36:29 PM
Sharpest 15-day decline of 18% in India’s Covid-19 cases  10/16/2020 9:57:33 PM
Breaking: 181 Students, Staff Test Positive for COVID-19 in Lagos Private School
This Day  10/16/2020 9:54:03 PM
School shuts down for two weeks after 'mass outbreak' of Covid-19 cases
BirminghamMail  10/16/2020 9:00:49 PM
At indoor Florida event, Trump urges seniors to shield themselves from Covid  10/16/2020 8:44:14 PM
Breaking: 181 Students, Staff Test Positive to COVID-19 in Lagos Private School
This Day  10/16/2020 8:38:03 PM
Covid antibody tests come to SA
MG  10/16/2020 8:07:40 PM
Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar believe Trump is lying about COVID-19 diagnosis  10/16/2020 8:03:43 PM
J''J halts Covid-19 vaccine trial after participant develops “unspecified illness”
Natural News  10/16/2020 8:02:57 PM
What happens when Covid-19 meets toxic air? India is about to find out  10/16/2020 4:10:45 PM
Emergency Covid-19 vaccine in Chinese city costs $60
Hindustan Times  10/16/2020 12:21:27 PM
BT Sports: Ronaldo May Have Violated COVID-19 Protocols “ Italian Minister
TheBreakingTimes  10/16/2020 11:37:35 AM
Nigeria''s COVID-19 Cases Cross 60,000
Channels  10/16/2020 11:28:42 AM
Chinas Jiaxin city to sell Covid-19 vaccine for $60 in cases of emergency
Hindustan Times  10/16/2020 10:04:12 AM
COVID-19: PTF says risks of reopening night clubs, bars, still too high
The Sun  10/16/2020 9:05:40 AM
Syringe-makers look to ramp up stocks for Covid vaccine  10/16/2020 7:21:28 AM
A Covid-19 twist in Delhis fight against bad air?
Hindustan Times  10/16/2020 5:11:22 AM
COVID-19: NCDC advises EndSARS protesters to be mindful of virus
Vanguard  10/16/2020 12:58:22 AM
October 15
Biden flight companion tests positive for COVID-19
ABC News  10/15/2020 9:35:23 PM
Kamala Harris tests negative for COVID-19
ABC News  10/15/2020 8:06:05 PM
Ronaldo 'may have broken Covid-19 rules' with Juve return  10/15/2020 7:17:39 PM
Kamala Harris' staffer tests positive for COVID-19
ABC News  10/15/2020 6:52:52 PM
Ronaldo 'violated' COVID-19 protocol, says Italy's sports minister  10/15/2020 5:19:22 PM
Citing COVID-19 Protocols, FCT Bans #EndSARS Protest
This Day  10/15/2020 4:55:40 PM
Kamala Harris cancels campaign plans after two staff members catch Covid-19  10/15/2020 4:41:54 PM
Kamala Harris suspends travel after staffer tests positive for COVID  10/15/2020 3:19:39 PM
Harris cancels travel after Biden campaign announces positive Covid tests  10/15/2020 3:02:38 PM
Covid live: PM calls for more testing, sero surveys  10/15/2020 2:39:04 PM
Russia says its third Covid-19 vaccine is ˜almost ready
Hindustan Times  10/15/2020 1:40:15 PM
Why pause in Covid-19 vaccine trials may be a good sign  10/15/2020 1:19:02 PM
Playbook: Is Covid relief ever going to happen?  10/15/2020 11:30:28 AM
US government officials warned Nevada not to use Chinese Covid-19 tests  10/15/2020 10:45:16 AM
NCDC records 179 new COVID-19 infections in Nigeria
The Sun  10/15/2020 10:17:29 AM
Further blow to Juventus as second first-team star tests positive for Covid-19  10/15/2020 8:18:17 AM
The challenges of delivering a Covid-19 vaccine in Africa requires a new approach
MG  10/15/2020 7:34:07 AM
˜17 things we don''t know – and shouldn''t pretend to know about COVID-19 (2)
The Nation  10/15/2020 7:31:37 AM
Nigerias COVID-19 deaths hit 1116 as NCDC announces new cases
Daily Post  10/15/2020 7:23:14 AM
COVID-19: IMF rolls out recovery measures for Nigeria, other emerging economies
Hallmark Business  10/15/2020 7:13:03 AM
October 14
Alabama football coach Saban tests positive for Covid-19  10/14/2020 11:41:54 PM
Alabama's Saban, AD test positive for COVID-19  10/14/2020 11:21:41 PM
Barron Trump also tested positive for COVID, now negative  10/14/2020 10:12:29 PM
COVID-19: IMF lists road map for recovery in Nigeria, other emerging economies
Vanguard  10/14/2020 8:36:04 PM
LSU-Florida game postponed after COVID spike  10/14/2020 7:58:32 PM
Latest figures show deaths at London hospitals starting to rise as 12 Covid fatalities confirmed  10/14/2020 7:44:54 PM
More than 30,000 health experts sign declaration opposing Covid-19 lockdowns
Natural News  10/14/2020 7:06:57 PM
China Joins Deal To Get Covid-19 Vaccine To Poorer Nations
Channels  10/14/2020 6:02:59 PM
USMNT's McKennie tests positive for COVID-19  10/14/2020 4:39:59 PM
IMF recommends three policy priorities to overcome Covid-19 crisis
Hindustan Times  10/14/2020 3:50:17 PM
Vladimir Putin says Russia approves second Covid-19 vaccine
Hindustan Times  10/14/2020 3:11:48 PM
Fed Govt Says $750m Loan To Complement COVID-19 Stimuli
Economic Confidential  10/14/2020 2:45:21 PM
Eritrea is now Covid -19 free: authorities exhorts for caution  10/14/2020 2:15:13 PM
We buy Covid results at Shs150,000 - drivers
Monitor UG  10/14/2020 1:18:50 PM
Another Juventus man tests positive for Covid-19  10/14/2020 11:31:33 AM
Chiellini has his say on rising Covid-19 cases in football  10/14/2020 10:11:08 AM
Once a 'model' state, now Kerala has over 10% of total Covid active cases  10/14/2020 9:51:48 AM
Donald Trumps treatment reminds us to hedge bets on Covid-19 research  10/14/2020 9:08:07 AM
Cavani to miss Newcastle match due to COVID-19 guidelines
SoccerNews  10/14/2020 8:37:05 AM
Nigeria records 1 death, 225 new cases of COVID-19
The Sun  10/14/2020 7:50:15 AM
Earlier Stories
White House physician says Trump has tested negative for Covid, is no longer infectious  10/12/2020 11:21:06 PM
Trump tests negative for Covid-19, says White House doctor
Monitor UG  10/12/2020 11:20:47 PM
COVID-19: PTF tells Nigerians to minimize infection transmission risk
The Nation  10/12/2020 11:14:23 PM
Passengers without QR Code won''t be allowed on flights – COVID-19 Task Force
The Sun  10/12/2020 10:17:23 PM
Will Africas best shot at a Covid-19 vaccine be enough?
MG  10/12/2020 9:25:30 PM
Nigeria may witness second wave of COVID-19 – PTF
The Nation  10/12/2020 9:21:13 PM
Buhari to receive interim report on COVID-19, next phase of eased lockdown
The Sun  10/12/2020 7:53:05 PM
Croatian PM Urges Discipline As COVID-19 Cases Reach Peak
Channels  10/12/2020 6:53:57 PM
India generated over 18,000 tonnes Covid-19 waste since June
Hindustan Times  10/12/2020 6:44:09 PM
Trump is accidentally right in saying the US shouldnt fear Covid-19  10/12/2020 6:20:09 PM
Afternoon Update: Buhari Reacts To Public Outcry, Promises ˜Extensive Reform, Reason Why I Cant Join #EndSARS Protest – DJ Cuppy, Two Players Test Positive For COVID-19 Ahead Of Super Eagles Friendly
Daily Advent  10/12/2020 2:52:20 PM
New drug to curb rising Covid-19 deaths
Monitor UG  10/12/2020 11:08:57 AM
Eagles To Undergo Covid-19 Test Today Ahead Friendly Clash With Tunisia
Complete Sport  10/12/2020 10:24:56 AM
Covid-19 puts Eskoms integrated resource plan at risk
MG  10/12/2020 10:13:36 AM
South Africas Sasols earning to decline by 20% amidst Covid and oil shock  10/12/2020 9:15:54 AM
Im free of COVID-19, says Trump
The Nation  10/12/2020 5:54:21 AM
Oil roils due to relapse of Covid-19 and demand compression  10/12/2020 5:34:27 AM
Hospital cost capped, but Covid can cripple 80% of families  10/12/2020 4:18:50 AM
LaLiga fine with or without Barca´s Messi as Tebas warns of COVID-19 financial crisis
SoccerNews  10/12/2020 2:46:19 AM
Our plans for COVID-19 shocks, by Fed Govt
The Nation  10/12/2020 2:06:38 AM
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